How do you bring two very different LEGO worlds together in a fun and exciting brand activation?

This sunny Bank Holiday weekend (26th – 28th August), LEGO debuted its LEGO Mini Missions: Ninjas in the City pop-up experience on the Southbank, London. The experience brought together the two worlds of LEGO City Police and LEGO NINJAGO for the first time ever.


Visitors joined top City Police detective Chase McCain and the legendary LEGO NINJAGO Ninjas to form a heroic crime fighting team – completing missions, finding clues, and solving puzzles– even getting through their final stand-off against the evil Lord Garmadon, who was trying to make London his new playground!



Upon arrival at Mission Base, visitors were given a mission briefing and received their mission packs, which were to be completed as a case file against Lord Garmadon and his newly recruited crooks! After being trained in the ancient art of Spinjitsu – a close-combat martial arts technique featured in the world of Ninjago, the families set off to find and solve as many LEGO Mini Missions as they could. Whether it was at the formidable Fire Wall, the wicked Water Fight, the all-mighty Power Up or the intense final mission, families bravely battled the baddies to keep the city safe. The final mission The Last Stand was a real race against the clock, our crime fighting collective beat the baddies at every turn and together chased down all of the crooks into the LEGO City Jail. The city of course rewarded its saviors accordingly!



Featuring LEGO brick pits to spark imaginations, trained masters of Spinjitsu and tons of team work the LEGO Mini Missions: Ninjas in the City, was a one of a kind immersive experience for the whole family, and over 7,000 people came down to help our crime fighting heroes save the city.



Many of these people had spotted their LEGO heroes saving the city ahead of the experience itself, as LEGOgraphy found mini-figures around London in a series of day-saving pursuits and even explained how to create your own scenes to Fun Kids . So the crime fighting collective doesn’t have to end there, our heroes can keep creating scenes of their own to keep their LEGO Mini Missions alive.


LEGO City Police and Ninjas take to the streets of London ahead of the LEGO pop-up experience on the Southbank this August bank-holiday


The LEGO City Police and LEGO Ninjago Ninja’s have parted their ways for now, and hopefully they won’t have to save the city again anytime soon, but if they do we know with LEGO Mini Missions the city will be saved. After all, everything is awesome when you’re part of a team!