Turn That Blue Monday Upside Down

As if Mondays weren’t depressing enough, it turns out that today – the 19th January – is THE most depressing day of the year.

Rather than quietly sobbing over our laptops, we thought we’d ask the office what makes them happy. As in, like, REALLY HAPPY.

The results? Well, put it this way, they are a bit eccentric… but then hey, so are we so that figures.

Blue Monday at PrettyGreen

Blue Monday at PrettyGreen

Check our list out. What’s on yours?

Grabbers: Tea (original, thanks for kicking us off Grabbers…)

Maccers (who got a bit excited so we didn’t put her whole list in):
1. Waking up in the morning at 6.30am and realising it’s Saturday.
2. Sunday lunches and red wine. All the red wine.
3. Susie’s, Katie’s and my HILARIOUS ‘We Love Tinder’ what’s app group.

Dan: I guess the one thing that never fails to make me happy is getting into my comfy bed on a cold night and curling up like some kind of hibernating creature.

Jade: Dogs. Talking about dogs. Watching dogs. Impersonating dogs. Dogs.

Sian: Keanu Reeves…

Pizza, Mojitos, Gene Kelly films, and the first beer on a Friday.

James: Waking up too early, cursing, then realising you’ve another hour in bed. And COFFEE.

Emma W: Feeling after a good workout when your legs are shaking and you’re sweating buckets but you just know that your body will thank you later.

Bianca: Dogs and Spaghetti always make me happy. If they could have some kind of Spaghetti/ Dog pop-up on brick lane I would be so happy!

Sean: My crazy kids.

Rhea: Wine makes me so happy…

Leigh: Kellogg’s Just Right. And really dark chocolate. Not together, although….

Susie (another PGer who got carried away with her list): Monster Munch, My Nan, Puppies…

Ben: Bacon Baps.

Strings… who gets the biggest list because, well… because he can….

1. Hearing the sound of the sea when you wake up in the morning.
2. Being in another room and hearing your children laugh.
3. If you pretend to laugh, it’s impossible not to actually start laughing.
4. Walking into a bar and seeing a bottle of Fontaine on the back bar, when I didn’t know it was stocked there
5. Smashing open a coconut
6. A beautiful sunrise.
7. A full moon on a clear night.
8. Winning a pitch, even more so, when we didn’t expect to.
9. Running in the rain
10. Laughing hysterically with friends so much that your stomach and face hurt

So go on… tell us what makes you happy on this miserable (FREEZING COLD) day…