Treading the boards

PrettyGreen received the exciting news this week that MD Emma Grace’s son Thomas has been promoted from ‘Owl’ to the lead role of ‘Gruffalo’ in what we are sure will be a groundbreaking performance of The Gruffalo by Crouch End’s Active Learning Group.

In homage to Thomas’ achievement and his mothers glowing pride, we thought it would be interesting to find out what roles our PrettyGreeners had undertaken in their own childhoods.

And what a Pandora’s box we opened….

– Mark was chief drummer in Shake, Rattle & Roll – Itchingfield School’s take on the classic nativity
– Ben was a Fat Policeman in The Pirates of Penzance (pillow stuffed up uniform being the model’s own)
– Claire Macdonald seemed to be in every amateur dramatic performance (as pictured) in the south of England, with highlights including ‘Rizo’ in Grease (twice…. typecasting?) and a sobbing ‘Chicken Licken’


– Lauren was the ‘Wicked Witch of the West’ in the Wizard of Oz, stating this was based purely on her unruly fro, thus acting like a complete diva throughout
– Joe, aged 3, played ‘Joseph’ in the nativity (complete with a black eye though we aren’t sure if he had the beard then) and also a juggler who couldn’t juggle in Mary Poppins (no one here can remember a juggler in Mary Poppins, only chimney sweeps…)
– James was Chris Tarrant in a special Who Wants To Be A Millionaire: Fables Edition (we didn’t ask either)
– Coco was the apparent tarty mum of Violet Beauregarde in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (the tarty description of her role being something her own mum Caz heartily disapproved of)
– Lucy Mart had to endure an X Factor style audition for the role of ‘Caterpillar’ in Alice in Wonderland only to be told by a Simon Cowell-esque head mistress that she should ‘read her song out like a poem instead’. Another hopeful’s dream shattered….
– Jack was Prop Guy Number 1 in Bugsy Malone, dropping a watering can in the process
– Emily, thanks to attending an all-girl school and for being eternally tall, played ‘The Beast’ in Beauty and The Beast
– Leigh was an Italian Rat (complete with accent) in The Pied Piper of Hamlin (Leigh can’t do accents)
– Lucy Porter was once cast as a tree but then went on to perform in the Opening Ceremony of London 2012 (from mighty oaks little acorns grow)
– And little Jess Hargreaves was Mary in the nativity but didn’t want the part because Joseph smelt horrible (she had to be bribed to take the role). Poor Joseph
– Katie Hunter went on to trump all our own measly attempts at walking the boards by performing in front of Princess Diana for the Aids Foundation at the Royal Opera House. If you don’t believe us, her picture is below. Her own Mum’s proudest moment (collective arrggggghhhhh)

Katie Ballet