Training for a Marathon – How Hard Can It Be??

So, you’ve probably heard this story before. Man goes into pub to meet a friend. They sink several pints of neck oil then, while the brain is lubricated, they start to discuss some of the big challenges in life which they’d like to do but haven’t quite got around to yet.


Thing is, while in a slightly inebriated state those challenges start to become quite achievable. Then your friend gets his mobile phone out, which is connected to the internet these days, searches one of these challenges, finds a spot available and convinces you to sign up there and then.


And that is why Damo is running the Berlin Marathon in September……


So this all happened back in December. “10 months…” (he thought the next day while nursing a hangover), “10 months to prepare should be plenty of time.” He’d run 10k’s before. He’s just got to do that four times in one go, right? Well, technically yes, but being the inquisitive type that he is he started to research it a bit further… Apparently, it’s pretty darn dangerous if you don’t prepare correctly. Talk of ‘hitting the wall’ seems to be the recurring theme of first-hand accounts, as running a marathon uses up all the glycogen in your body by 18-20 miles. That still leaves a quarter of the race to run with an empty tank. Then there’s the recommendation that you should be running around 40 miles a week across 3-4 different runs. He’s pretty busy, so he wondered how he was going to find time for that…?


Anxiety started to build, but this actually had the effect that he needed. Running had never been Damo’s sport of choice. He would often run 4-5km on a weekly basis so he could stay fit to play football, however, he’d never taken any enjoyment out of it. Therefore, the thought of having to run that kind of distance could easily have seen him reaching for his laptop to see how he could get out of taking part.


Image 2


But instead, he bought some new gear and started to run 2-3 times a week, increasing up to 10kms (including a 12k run on Christmas Day), then 15kms. And he actually started to enjoy it. In fact, he’s become a bit addicted to it, as he says the only anxiety he now gets is that he doesn’t have time to run as often as he’d like. You’ve probably heard people talk about the ‘runner’s high’ you get when you run for 45 minutes or more. A euphoria that gives you an incredible boost of energy and keeps you coming back for more. And now, he’s constantly chasing it and can’t wait to run in Berlin. Role on September…


Damo running the Berlin Marathon on 25th September for Prostate Cancer. This is a disease that has probably touched the majority of us in some way, whether through friends, family members or work colleagues. Prostate Cancer want to shift the science over the next ten years to stop prostate cancer being a killer. If you wish to support the great work they do, please sponsor him at: