Touching Gold: How to attract a younger audience to TV viewing – Part Two

In day two of our blog series on understanding how to influence the 16-34 year old demographic to watch TV, we are looking at innovation in two specific areas:


  1. Partnerships
  2. Gaming

Innovative approaches to partnerships


Last year, Love Island had 3 brand partnerships, this year a whopping 10. The most impressive thing, however, is the extent to which each partner engages with the show, via multiple two-way promotions. Ministry of Sound have the rights to a Love Island Pool Party album, but also appeared in the live show, hosting a party at the villa. Lead sponsor Superdrug have the Love Island beauty range on their shelves, but also supplied the suntan lotion and hand cream for the cast. Misguided style the cast in the villa and support this with advertising on ITV2. Primark bagsied the merchandise deal; being able to turn around new slogan t-shirts within 48 hours, making sure that the “Do Bits Society” was on the merchandise as soon as it became part of the 2018 lingo.



Partnerships need to make sense from both sides of the table. For the launch of Netflix’s G.L.O.W. a show about women’s wrestling, we leveraged their sponsorship of PRIDE with the first ‘Women’s Area’ in Leicester Square – a natural fit with the show’s narrative.



Gamifying the narrative


16-34 year olds are prolific gamers, so gamifying the content is a simple win.


Stranger Things partnered with streaming service Twitch to release a 360 video experience for Season 1. Working with influencers, the four hour long live broadcast was essentially a gaming experience set in an 80’s-themed basement. Twitch themselves described how, via chat, their audience voted “on creepy things to befall our unwitting victims—flying books, flickering lights, doors that would creak open to reveal sinister, singing, dead-eyed dolls only to slam shut at random, ringing phones that would jump off their cradles when you tried to touch them, and more.” The broadcast ended with just eight minutes of the first Stranger Things episode; but the total experience, set on such a highly targeted platform, drew the audience into the immersive world of the series, setting expectations and exciting them to watch.


Love Island also understands the power of gaming. Their game, based on the narrative of the show, debuted at top spot in the iPhone free chart and at second on the iPad free chart, as well as coming ninth in the top 10 iPhone grossing rankings.