Touching Gold: How to attract a younger audience to TV viewing – Part Four

Today’s blog post on attracting young audiences to watch TV content goes back to the tried and tested space of traditional media.



It would be a mistake to think that targeting a young demographic means doing away with all traditional comms. Investing in mainstream media offers important quality cues and a sense of scale; as well as evidencing the faith that the channel or distributer has in the content.


In many cases, the natural place for promoting TV content is TV advertising; however with viewing figures amongst this demographic dwindling, it cannot be relied upon. Digital AV trailers is the next natural home, and certainly a place for promotion; but (based on our case studies) the channel where we have seen the greatest imagination is outdoor.


Unlike TV and press, outdoor is a traditional media space that young people are still very much exposed to, as well as one with opportunities to deliver ideas at scale.



Both Game Of Thrones and Stranger Things take a very creative approach to these paid environments, developing iconic campaigns that build the excitement amongst those who see and share, and offer PR value for those who don’t.



Thinking beyond the 6 sheet, these ideas bring the narrative and storyline to the streets to deliver immersive, Insta-worthy moments for passers by.