This is a Musical Chair

Beyonce Musical Chairs It started as one of those throw away ideas, “why don’t we do a giant musical chairs”, “last chance to grab a seat”. Sounds simple, makes perfect sense, then we actually needed to work out:
a. where do we get 300 seats from
b. where would we actually do it
c. how do we tell people

Well a month on, we’re close. On Wednesday at 1.30pm, giant musical chairs will be taking place to celebrate the last chance to win tickets to see Beyonce at the exclusive Trident gig at the O2.

We’re placing 100 chairs around London, if you find one, you’ll be a lucky winner, if not get yourself down to Westfield on Wednesday and if you’re one of the 1st to arrive, you’ll be in with a chance of being one of the 200 to take part.

All this week Capital Radio are supporting the promotion, and giving Londoners the chance to win. Now, where is the health and safety document and Q&A on the official rules for musical chairs.

There were no chairs last Thursday as we asked people if they could “Handle the Truth?” as the Pretty Green team were hosting the Red Bull Cola party in a Chapel in Soho Square.

It may sound like a bizarre choice of venue for a party, but given that the product’s USP is about being strong, natural and having no secrets, we asked the question, ‘where better to get people to cleanse their souls and confess their sins, than in a church?’

Throw a web-linked Confession Booth, a modern choir, roaming priests and nuns, Dante-fried chicken on the BBQ, unlimited free booze and DJ Yoda into the mix and you’ve got yourself a party.

red bull  colaWe all thought the night was a success. Coco and Mandy were doing their best impressions of Mother Teresa. Strings, Claire and Hamish were doing the rounds in the garden (sure they agreed to go to Germany for the beerfest at one point), while inside, G’Day scrawled on the interactive graffiti wall and Mike was busy producing some ‘dad at a wedding’ dance moves.

If we needed any evidence that this party was ‘the hottest ticket in town’ (as one journalist mentioned), it arrived at the end of the night when Monster turned up outside the event and tried to get involved (come on Guy, get your own parties).

We’re collating all the confessions now, but there were lots about people not wearing underwear, and it wasn’t just the guys!!!!

For those big X Factor fans, you’ll be pleased to know it’s back on Saturday night, but it’s not the X Factor we’re into this year. We’re into X Fighter Factor. This Saturday we’ll all be down at Battersea helping out at Red Bull X-Fighters, far more fun than being sat in front of the TV.