This blog may cause Epileptic fits

Last week at Pretty Green we have been mainly having Thought Showers…. What, what, what? Yes folks… Apparently it’s not PC to use the term Brainstorm as it offends epileptics. Yes, really… Pretty much everything seems to offend someone these days – soon we won’t be able to say ‘critical path’ without offending Irish drive tarmacers, or say we we’ve been ‘caught short’ without offending small people.

It has, however, opened up a world of excellent word play to decide on what we call our new ‘sessions’… Mindstorm, Thought Blizzard, Think Storming, Force 4 Thought Gale, or for the slower sessions maybe Thought Bath, Think Breeze, or our personal favourite S*** sleet.

One very cutting old friend sent us a Twitter message saying to be honest it was more likely to be a “Thought Drizzle”. Not very nice.

One particular ad hoc session brought out the the thespians in Nick, Claire and Hamish who, armed with one Beyonce standee set about creating an Oscar winning video for the promotion we created running on KISS FM for Trident. Shot in roughly 10 minutes, quite how they managed to pull this little gem together is a mystery… Sometimes it just works. We’re not too worried about losing Nick to RSC just yet but we do keep catching him practising acceptance speeches in the bathroom. Being involved with the project unfortunately excludes us from winning (We don’t have the heart to tell Nick) but one of this lot have to. Check it out on the YouTube Trident Unwrapped site, you’re looking for the Dangerously in Love, or by clicking here.

And Finally… At last we have someone with an interesting name in the Pretty Green team and what a fantastic name it is. Yes, this week we have been joined by Coco and the boring name chain has been broken. Hurrah! Fortunately the team have been on hand to advise her on men not to marry… Mr. Nuts, Mr.Pops, Mr. Leaf or Mr.Cabana.

However it’s not last long, as “Graham” started yesterday, so we’re back to boring names again.

Hamish also prompted us to ask the question…Can men really pull off wearing white jeans, regardless of the weather the majority vote was no (especially not with that string vest) and the other big debate was whether or not telling Michael Jackson jokes was at all acceptable. It would appear that even without a buoyant City the emails were flying within minutes of his demise.

His death is naturally a big shock for many, none more so than AEG who are currently looking at trying to fill 50 nights and a £300m deficit. It’s sad to think that someone as talent as MJ could end up the way he was, or maybe that’s why.