Mutant Lounge

Things get freaky in the Mutant Lounge for Fox’s Legion

Legion is deservedly tipped as one of the must see shows of 2017. To build on this excitement PrettyGreen devised the ‘Mutant Lounge’; a weird, strange and wonderful world that media and fans could immerse themselves in.


A leap into an unexplored area of the Marvel universe, Legion is stylised and visually stunning. The show offered a glut of reference points for us to bring to life, and subsequently The Century Club on Shaftesbury Avenue was transformed into a 70s inspired cocktail bar staffed by mutants with telekinetic powers who surprised guests with exploding lightbulbs, floating ping pong balls and snappy dance routines.


An interactive photo booth allowed attendees to recreate the explosive kitchen scene from the series’ first episode and seamlessly upload the GIF to social media as if the whole process was a mutant power itself.

The show, which airs Thursdays at 9pm on FOX, features Downton Abbey’s Dan Stevens as he plays a young man who finds himself in a psychiatric hospital and comes to the realisation that the voices in his head may not be what they seem.


Check out the following video for a taste of the action: