They're Like Buses

It’s been a mad few weeks with one thing or another, and we’ve gone “proposal-tastic” and at one point we thought it might be an April Fool.

We actually all sat in the office last week, all fairly stressed with the deadlines, and not feeling particularly like playing practical jokes, but as we heard about “invisible cars”, “left handed burgers’, “man eating frogs” etc etc. It began to bring out the child in us, so much so that we managed to wind up poor Hamish, who was out on a music shoot reccy for about an hour abour Leona Lewis wanting to appear in a viral film we’re creating. What was more worrying was how good everyone was a lying, every time Hame phoned in, he was passed from one person to the next embellishing the story. Sorry Hame.

Space is now our final frontier, and we’re looking at adding in a mezzanine floor to try and squeeze people in. We’ve now created a new game called musical hot desking. Basically when the music stops at 9.30am you race to an available desk, sofa, chair. Things will hopefully change this week as we’ve got more furniture arriving and we’re having a move around to free up space.

Interestingly we’ve also had our first proper competitive briefs in (3 in a week always keeps you on your toes, especially as we know we’re against best in class creative Agencies), and although the stress levels have risen a little in the office, there’s still a lot of banter. In particular the three big debates have been about

  1. whether or not a loud speaker played out of the back of a plane could be heard across the country?
  2. what is the best animal noise to impersonate at a brainstorm and what does it say about you?
  3. how do you source a transvestite who can dance?

Anyway, it’s now nearly Easter, the smell of hot cross buns fills the office, and everyone is looking forward to a few days of R&R.