There's only One D in Nando's

A question that we often find ourselves debating in the PrettyGreen office is ‘who is the hottest member of One Direction?’ At last Nando’s have told us the answer, it’s Zayn!

Now, before we cause a Twitter meltdown from One Direction fan outrage with such a claim, please allow us to explain how we reached this enlightening conclusion. We know the One Direction boys have been big Nando’s fans ever since their X-Factor days, so it’s only right that Nando’s cater for the boys on their current UK tour to celebrate their huge success – who needs Nobu when you have Nando’s!

Whist arranging a private delivery for the band, we couldn’t help but have a sneaky peak at which one of the boys can handle the heat. it clearly identified that Zayne was the hottest One Direction boy, opting for his PERi-PERi with Extra Hot sauce. Case closed! Plus we always knew Harry was a bit Mango and Lime, you can see it in his eyes.

Turns out we weren’t the only ones asking ourselves which Nando’s One Direction order would ruffle our feathers, so were heat, Daily Express, Star and Daily Mirror readers…Nando’s anyone?

1 x Double Chicken (Mango & Lime) wrap with cheese & pineapple

1 x Butterfly Chicken (Medium) No skin
1 x Mixed olives
1 x Perinaise sauce

1 x Half Chicken (Medium)
1 x Creamy Mash
1 x Perinaise

1 x Double Chicken wrap (Medium) – no lettuce
1 x Spicy rice
5 x Wings (Medium)
1 x Perinaise
1 x Medium sauce

1 x Double Chicken pitta (Medium) with cheese
1 x Mixed Olives
1 x Coleslaw
1 x Corn on the cob
1 x Hot sauce
1 x Extra Hot sauce

One Direction Nando's Order

One Direction Nando's order