The Worst Job In The World

Remember that one about the Frenchman who claimed his boring €80,000 (£67,000) job turned him into a professional zombie?
Sadly, that’s not even the start of a joke. It actually happened. Legit.
Which, as well as wishing we too had the luxury (sorry, torture) of being on a £67,000 pay packet, made us wonder what some of the worst jobs PrettyGreeners have had in past lives.
From cleaning sick in a play pen to getting paid 50p to have your car smell of curry, here’s some of our high (or should that be low?) lights:



  • Rob used to deliver Indian food for a local curry house. Every delivery he got a 50p tip, but couldn’t use his car outside of work due to the smell
  • Sam used to clean up sick at an adventure playground. Enough said
  • James used to clean the beer pipes in 7 bars, across 3 floors, simultaneously. Each took hours, and he stank of pipe cleaner after every shift… and he has been put off bitter for life
  • Joni had to host a group of spoilt American kids around a water park, and was forced to take on this behemoth of a slide
  • Ben was a door-to-door sales man in Australia selling home phone networks where he honestly had to use the line ‘Do you make any STDs in this house?’. They didn’t know what it meant over here
  • Rhea rotated three “totally rubbish” jobs, making beds, cleaning toilets (which were as bad as those in Trainspotting), and peeling “around 70,000” potatoes a day when working at a hotel in Germany
  • Lucy M worked in telesales, twice. Both times she left instantly, after realising the job was essentially conning OAPs into giving her money, or being told to F off by builders when working for Yellow Pages
  • Jo worked in a shed, potting plants on a production line. What’s worse, her tea, without fail, always had mud in it
  • Lucy P was hired by a temp agency to sit in an office and sit at a desk pretending she was working on a computer (that wasn’t even plugged in). The office in question were being audited and wanted to look like they extra staff. Not sure how legal this was in retrospect…

On reflection, it’s probably fair to say we’ve taken a few steps up since then…!