The Times Are Changing

It seems to be that we’re about to enter another digital era and we can’t help but feel that technology has woven it’s way into almost every fabric of our daily lives, to the point where we’re living out the Matrix.

The traditions we held as being fundamental to our society are slowing disappearing. The letter is virtually extinct, talking is old fashioned, art galleries are being driven by technology, music is no longer touched is just listened to, the feeling of a mouse is comforting than that of a hand.

And then to top it all, the last bastion of our news world decides subscription e-papers and online news sites are the future.

We’re now used to information being easily accessible, up to date and supported with additional blogs, audio clips and videos. Online news sites have enabled news reporting to happen minute by minute as opposed to day by day and more importantly has made it accessible to anyone, anywhere and any when.

But let’s not forget, newspapers are a business after all, with the supposed downturn in print advertising and increasing decline in circulation it is no surprise publishers are perceiving e-newspapers to be a profitable option, and with The Times and Sunday Times going digital (and charging users for a subscription) it appears there’s now no turning back.

But we can’t help but ask,  with such vast information readily accessible on the internet, will there ever be a day when we are willing to pay for an e-paper? Is subscription of a daily newspaper the right next step for the printed paper? Would we be content with reading our daily update from a computer screen?

Surely people young and old will still want something tangible they can hold in their hands? And God forbid we lose the internet connection . . .