The Sound of Music

soundmusic4A musical theme ran through the Agency this week.

It’s a big year for Red Bull Music Academy as it’s in it’s 10th year, and the year kicks off with a bang. Next Thurs (29th) is the first  “Broad Casting” with Karen P, which sees legendary drumer and Red Bull lecturer Tony Allen partner up with the The Hypnotic Brass Ensemble at Cargo. One not to be missed (unless your in France drinking the first batch of our spirits brand and looking at distilleries, Strings!!!).

We were also appointed on a large music project for the year that involves probably one of the most successful global acts of the past 5 years. It’s one that just happened this week, which is always nice, but definitely one that we can’t wait to get stuck into. We spent Friday afternoon with all the Agencies being brought up to speed, and we’ve got to say this ones gonna be a lot of fun (it’s an “our people, his/ her people, etc etc).

And finally we’re also talking to someone about breaking the sound barrier (amongst other things), but hopefully more of that to follow.