The Romantic Return of the Nando’s Churrasco Burger

Have you ever had a relationship end before you were ready? Did you ever wish you could meet one last time? For Nando’s Churrasco Burger fans this fantasy became a reality – right in time for Valentine’s Day.


When the Churrasco Burger was removed from the menu in 2016 there was an outpouring on Twitter and in the media. Nando’s heard the cries of despair and decided to do something about it, and the media and social media universe nearly broke the internet with excitement.


From the 31st January it was time to dry your eyes, pull out your Nando’s Card and head to your nearest restaurant, as the Churrasco Burger returned to the menu for a limited time only. Nando’s fans get to have that one last fling and relieve their #ChurrascoHeartbreak


But sadly sometimes long term relationships are just not meant to be, and absence always makes the heart grow fonder – The Churrasco Burger is only available until the 27th February before it finally it breaks our hearts and walks off into the sunset for the last time, leaving us crying into our Macho peas, pretending that we flicked PERI-PERI in our eye.