The River Island Design Den at Lollibop


What do you get when you combine thousands of children, 19 acts, and a 42 acre estate? You get this year’s Lollibop Festival, the kid-friendly answer to Glastonbury.

The event lasted 3 days, and featured live acts and activities aimed entirely at kids and their families. This year the PrettyGreen team joined forces with River Island to create the “River Island Design Den”, a place where kids could design their own t-shirts using stamps, stencils, pens, and anything else they could get their hands on.

Like any fashion designer worth their salt, the kids then had a chance to walk down our red carpet and show off their handiwork to our photographers. The tent also housed a pop-up River Island boutique featuring their “River Island Mini” range, designed especially for fashionably conscious youngsters.

In between 4pm melt-downs, sing-alongs, and snack breaks, we took nearly 2,400 photos and went through over 2000 shirts. And while we look forward to never having to hear the Bob the Builder theme tune again, channelling our inner child for the weekend was something we’ve decided every adult should try now and then.

The added benefit of a children’s festival is that the kids were tucked up early… leaving plenty of time for the team to sneak out and go and play at V festival till the early hours and still be back in time for the kiddies b’fast. The perfect Au Pairs.