The PrettyGreen Summer Conference

‘Where great minds meet, greater friends bond and health and safety is brazenly disregarded.’

Last week in the glorious, hazy sunshine of mid July team PG met upon a hillside to let battle commence. The (to be) historic clash of PG Spots v. PG Stripes formed the first part of the PrettyGreen summer conference. Putting to test the athletic talents of what turned out to be two highly competitive groups, Stripes trounced the Spots 184 to 89, thanks in part to Laura’s talents on a space hopper and Mandy’s irrational fear of flying foam balls.

As a team always striving to expand upon existing ideas, PG created an all-new game for the Spots v. Stripes itinerary, involving running at 6’5’’ Nick with a space hopper. Quickly developed, tested and then rapidly banned ‘Blind Space Hopper Dodgems’ short rise and fall can be explained by the series of pictures below.
Blind Space Hopper Dodgems
Next on the agenda was a quick stop at Camden Lock and then a boat trip to Little Venice. Greeted by an overfriendly tour guide who tried in vein to educate team PG on the history of the waterways- champagne, passers by, wildlife, and, well, anything else was of more interest.

Back on dry land safely (there were a few dodgy moments) a lovely meal with speeches aplenty awaited us. Among the announcements was the sad news that Claire is shortly to be leaving us to go travelling with Hamish, congratulations were due to Ravi who was getting married at the weekend and perhaps most importantly new AM Alex had eaten too much Feta and was going through what she termed the ‘Fetapause’.

Ending in a pub booth that was comically undersized we sprawled on to the street for a night of questionable drinking games. Fun was had by all, role on the Christmas conference.

Note: Particular kudos goes to Raymund for his inventive impressions throughout the night, intern Alex’s talent for asking questions and lastly to Strings for downing close to a pint of wine in a drinking game that no one else seemed to be playing.