The PrettyGreen Bucket List is Back

(that’s where everyone at PrettyGreen gets £100 to do something they’ve always wanted to).

It doesn’t seem like a year ago that we started our 1st Bucket List. Sometimes it feels like a lifetime and others just a bat of an eyelid. We live in a world that makes us feel like time is just a blur, that there’s never enough of it for us to do the things we’ve always wanted to do, but the reality is, only we can take the time out to look at the world around us and ensure we’re doing the things today that we’ve always dreamed of.

The Bucket List is back to inspire us, it’s back to scare us, and it’s back to help us do something that we’ve always wanted to do. We hope when you look through the list it helps spur you on, to write something down and do it.

We’ve got one life, let’s not waste it wishing we’d done the things we dreamed of on holiday, or spent the year living a vicarious existence based on other people’s experiences. Let’s jump in and seize the opportunities we have before us. Reality TV in 2013 isn’t something you watch at home, it’s the video clip you share with your friends showing you achieving something special.

And that something special, is something special for you. Whether that’s learning to dance, learning to fly, running a marathon or simply learning to read (ok that last one doesn’t count). Either way it doesn’t matter.

Here’s to an amazing and inspiring 2013.

Katie Hunter –Take up ballet again
George – Fulfil my childhood dream of attending WrestleMania
Claire A – Pass driving test before 36
Claire Mac – This year i’d love to take my mum for afternoon tea at the Ritz
Mark S – Complete a long distance cycle sportive min 80 miles
Ben T – Eat a Nando’s in South Aftica.
Lynsey – Have a baby
Charlotte – Learn French
Tim B  – Go potholing
Laura – See a show on Broadway
Jack D – Wing Walking
Simon – Run the Berlin Marathon
Pete – Learn a foreign language
Jess P – Have a private ski lesson at the snowdome
Tyler – Learn to do parkour
Emma – See the psychic sisters in Selfridges
Lucy M – Growing and eating my own vegetables
Jack S  –  Create a range of t-shirts & website to sell them. “All with leather sleeves and shit”.
Debbie – Go on a Cocktail making course
Bea – Learn Spanish and be able to argue
Ben K  – Play round at Wentworth Golf course (and shoot under a hundred)
Kylie – Do a massage Course
Hannah J – Be a Del’Boy for a day and set up a stall for a day at Brixton Market selling something that I make.
Jess H  – Do a cooking course to be able to bake birthday cakes for Alfie and Isobel
Lauren – Go to the Royal Opera House to see a famous ballet or opera
Kim – Learn to do acupuncture
Sophia – Learn to paint in watercolour
Strings – Take up proper sparring, with the aim of doing a white collar boxing match
Coco  – Watch a basketball game in NYC, hotdog and all.
Sian  – Surfing the break at Waikiki, Hawaii
Sarah H – Eat in one of the world’s best 50 restaurants