The PrettyGreen Bank

Many of you will know that Pretty green is at the heart of everything we do, and delivering (to the bottom-line for our Clients) is why we exist. Hence our name, which comes from the old £1 note, I’ve got a pocket full of……….

But we didn’t want an Agency called Dosh, or Cash, as we thought that was little bit offensive. Although it’s worked for Wonga, so maybe we should think about changing our name.

To add a bit of fun we have our own Bank, where signed £1s are displayed, and whoever gets the best one each year, from someone we’ve worked with, gets a little prize.

Today the Virgin Media Team were having a meeting, and outside they heard a commotion, so they all popped out, and there was the Main Man himself. So our Client quite kindly pulled out a pretty green he had in his pocket from a meeting last week, and casually asked Richard if he’d sign it, which we’re pleased to say he did.

A legend, and possibly one of the best photos we’ve got.