The PrettyGreen 2012 Bucket List

With the passing of the years, there comes a reality that there are certain things in life that we may sadly die having not accomplished. They might be as simple as seeing the cherry blossom in Tokyo, or as random as learning to do a cartwheel.

But we think we should never give up trying or hoping and we should strive to achieve everything in life no matter how big or small.

So, this year we’ve created our own Bucket List and are tasked with helping each other tick something off that list (to help make things a little easier every PrettyGreener has £100 to help make it happen).

We thought you’d be inspired and amused by the list, our favourite’s being Jack getting a middle name, Ben T making marmalade whilst shooting people, Strings setting himself on fire, and Em’s trying to gatecrash the Olympics to swim in the pool.

Bea Drive a sports car around Silverstone race track
Ben K Learn how to play guitar
Ben T Make my own onion marmalade and shoot a magnum
Cass Pass my driving test
Claire A Write a short story
Claire Mac Get 7-8 octave range back. Record an album for my Dad of fav songs
Coco £100 on black or red at a casino
Danny fly a plane
Debs Take her neighbour for posh cream tea
Ems to swim in the Olympic pool in 2012
Faye Play the Saxaphone
Grab Watching England play cricket at the Rose Bowl
Hannah Learn to drive
Hannah J Learn how to ride a Horse
Jack Get a middle name
Jess H Learn how to cook a new style of food
Jess P Have a Hang gliding lesson
Katie DJ at a UK festival
Kim Learn how to invest money/make money. Turn £100 – £1000.
Kylie Helicopter ride over New York
Leanne Learn to speak Italian
Lisa See the Royal London ballet perform at the Royal Opera House.
Lotty Run a 1/2 marathon
Lucy Learn to surf and be able to stand up for more than 30 seconds
Lyns Learn meditation and practice in india
Mark Eat in a Michelin Starred restaurant
Nancy Cake Decorating and Handicraft to one day open a little shop
Pete Learn how to surf (ideally somewhere warm)
Ravi Record & release my on tune on iTunes. Get someone to buy it.
Sarah See a show on Broadway with my mum
Sian Surfing the break at Waikiki, Hawaii (the home of surfing)
Simon Skeleton luge run at an ex Olympic centre or Bobsleigh run
Sophia Hang glide at Byron Bay
Strings Firewalking – Walk on hot coals
Susie Learn to cook particular style or dish. Start  doing supper clubs
Tim Start cricket coaching course to teach kids at my cricket club
Wends Learn Yoga with a Yogi