The Nintendo Switch has arrived!

Nintendo's new console- Nintendo Switch is unveiled at the Hamme  This past Friday was a landmark day in the calendars of gaming fans worldwide as Nintendo fully unveiled their new console – the Nintendo Switch.


We were up at 4am to watch the Nintendo Direct video which revealed that the Switch would be a home console system without the need for a TV. The Switch takes the DNA of all of Nintendo’s previous consoles and combines it into one fun-filled piece of kit.


After the early start we were on hand to showcase the Switch in London – with more than 300 media, YouTubers and influencers descending on the Eventim Apollo in Hammersmith to get their hands on the most talked about console of the past six months.


With the full details of the console’s launch titles revealed in the Nintendo Direct – guests were eager to get their hands on the innovative games for themselves (and to check out James’ fetching beige blazer).


Take 1-2 Switch for example, a collection of games using the Joy-Con controllers where you are tasked with cracking safes, milking cows and taking part in cowboy duels using the motion sensors and ‘HD rumble’. This special vibration feature is so sensitive and accurate that it can simulate the sensation of ice cubes in a glass of water.

Nintendo's new console- Nintendo Switch is unveiled at the Hamme

Another game which brought smiles to the faces of the attending fans was ARMS – where the Joy-Con controllers are grasped in each hand and used as virtual fists for giant fighting robots. Never before has the journalist vs. PR relationship been as tense as when Rhea took on Andy from MEGA in a virtual bout of fisticuffs.


It wouldn’t have been a Nintendo event without a few familiar faces. The hugely anticipated Legend of Zelda: The Breath of the Wild set tongues wagging as Nintendo fans saw Link in an open world environment for the first time, both on their TV screens, and on the Switch itself.


There was also an appearance from everyone’s favourite plumber with Super Mario Odyssey also revealed to be coming to the Nintendo Switch for Christmas 2017. In other Mario news, PrettyGreen’s own Emma Wills became the unlikely face of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe after being papped by the Evening Standard while battling it out on the track with 7 other players.


The Nintendo Switch will launch on March 3rd, and if the reactions of the media in attendance at the premiere are anything to go by – the Switch will be bringing smiles to a lot of faces come Spring.

Nintendo's new console- Nintendo Switch is unveiled at the Hamme