“The Mother of all Creative Industries” PrettyGreen announces research plans to find the formula to retention.

We’re delighted to announce plans for our own research initiative (led by Jo Hudson, the agency’s award-winning Planning Director) into the continuous lack of mothers seen in creative leadership roles within the industry.

Our aim is to help address the problem by understanding fully the multitude of factors facing mothers and fathers in creative roles to participate in its detailed qual and quant study.   

PrettyGreen’s Emma Grace, (Chief Creative & Strategy Director) said, “It’s undoubtedly a complex issue, but one that we have to fully understand and address. I worry that ‘motherhood’ is often used as a catchall to cover a multitude of pressures that are happening within the creative industry for all women (and men). From the unconscious bias of the ‘masculine attributes’ needed to be in a creative leadership role, to the uncompromising production and Client servicing demands of the industry.”

Then there is parental parity of men in Creative Leadership roles and of course the inevitable lack of female mother role models within the industry. We can’t drive change unless we understand all the causes.

With a predominantly female board (80%), and female-led events sister-agency with The Producers, PrettyGreen as a group has always been an advocate of promoting women in leadership positions and empowering women and mothers across the agency and within creative roles.  However, in 2018 the number of female creatives employed to support the agencies production studio was well below the agency’s high standards – which has driven this project.  

Emma Grace added, “Personally, I was ashamed that we hadn’t followed the same mantra when it came to working with female creative freelance talent in 2018 and our own response is to help fix that with a mindful mandatory quota of 50:50 by 2020 – but also to conquer why the profile of women and especially mothers in creative roles is so low, which has driven this research piece.

The research starts now – so if you are a parent working in the creative industry, follow @Prettygreen and share your details with hello@itsprettygreen.com to have your voice heard.