The man with the golden voice

We just stumbled across this viral that soared to 13 million hits and counting since its post on the 3rd January.

It shows a 53-year-old man named Ted Williams at a motorway exit ramp asking for spare change. From the outset he looks like your average man in a camouflage jacket, but when he opens his mouth you realise that this man has an incredible voice for radio. Unfortunately, a couple of wrong turns in his life led him to where he was standing in the video, but with such an influx of views in this short period his dreams have come true. After appearances on popular American TV shows because of his viral success, people have been queuing up to hire him! He’s now voiced the new Kraft advert, Oprah Winfrey wants him to be a part of the Oprah Winfrey Network, Jack Nicholson has contacted his family for a possible movie project and the NBA Cleveland have reportedly offered him a ‘huge job’. Williams will now pick just one job to focus on and see a therapist as he says, “I feel like I’m going to need it.”

It’s a wonderful story and a real testament to the online world that we live in today. See for yourselves!