The Less Ordinary PR Alan Partridge’s return to the airwaves with Audible

We supported Audible with the incredibly exciting announcement that Alan Partridge is returning to the airwaves, with a brand-new exclusive podcast series titled – From the Oasthouse: The Alan Partridge Podcast. The podcast sees the famously private Partridge welcome listeners into his home for a series of revealing and intimate audio vignettes.

Perhaps best-known for presenting This Time and Radio 4’s Knowing Me, Knowing You, Alan Partridge’s new series introduces one of the nation’s best-loved broadcasters to a young, diverse and digitally-engaged audience. Without the BBC or North Norwich Digital’s editorial management breathing down his neck, this new podcast will give Partridge the opportunity to fully realise his creative vision, in the highest quality audio.

Over the course of 18 generously-lengthed episodes, Partridge reveals a wiser, more reflective Alan. From The Oasthouse demonstrates a maturity and insight that will be instantly recognisable to his fans, even if it’s not yet acknowledged by some of his more storied peers. In keeping with podcasting’s rich heritage, each episode is recorded at home in Alan’s Oasthouse (his shed), after which audio is sent directly to Audible to ensure it meets the technical specifications laid down in his contract. 

As an added courtesy to his fans, an episode is also available for free for Audible members and non-members alike. Which merely required you to say ‘Alexa, read From the Oasthouse’, before welcoming Partridge into your home. 

Of course the best person to summarise the announcement is Alan himself, who stated: “Like most people, I assumed those who hosted podcasts were pale, tech obsessed social lepers who live with their mums and couldn’t get a platform on any meaningful broadcaster, so started spouting their bloated opinions into their USB microphones to flatter their groaning sense of self-importance.

But then I spoke to a man I’d never heard of before from Audible. HE called ME and made me an offer. I countered. He came back. I countered again. In short, we hammered out the details (to my satisfaction) and the result is a series of podcasts. They’ve been described as very good/sensational.”

With the team’s PR support the announcement was picked up widely by nationalentertainmentcomedy and lifestyle press with over 200 pieces so far, as well as now making it onto our very own PR agency’s blog.