The Launch of “Seedlings Sessions”

The week before last the agency was turned upside down as we ran the first PrettyGreen ‘Seedlings Session’.

‘Seedlings’ is an extension to our bespoke research tool ‘Grapevine’ – a qualitative methodology made up of a networked panel of consumers who provide us with deep, high quality audience insight on behalf of our clients.

Launched over a year ago, the nationwide PrettyGreen Grapevine panel consult with us on an ongoing basis: sharing their lives via surveys, video diaries, photos and conversations and, last week, we extended this panel to include our first team of 5-11 year olds, whom we chatted to about (amongst other things) our work.

The ‘Seedlings’ reminded us that our childhoods really were a very long time ago, as they talked confidently about their love of Netflix and their favourite YouTubers. They let us know what is important in their world, which toys and games are always relevant and advised us on what they really value when visiting events with their families.

Screen Shot 2015-08-03 at 13.01.39

Like ‘Grapevine’, the structure of ‘Seeding Sessions’ are always informal. We never hide behind two way mirrors, opting instead to build up trusted, ongoing contacts. This means that the individuals involved, whilst not in any way connected to marketing, become increasingly happy and articulate when talking about their lives and consumer habits.

The output we achieve with this approach has far less of the ‘research effect’ so common to focus group situations as well as deeper, richer insight as we build up trust over time. For wider surveys, we begin with our panel, recruiting out via friendship groups who fit the brief (because most people know people like themselves) and, particularly with kids, friendships are key to creating a relaxed, open discussion.

The PrettyGreen Grapevine, including Seedlings, is always accessible and we can work to any brief with our UK wide, demographically broad panel, so get in touch if you’d like to talk to some of them!

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