The idea of creating a new idea

The best inspiration comes from the things we experience every day and often things that are outside of the Marketing world. This is why the Events team went to see the Eduardo Paolozzi exhibition at The Whitechapel Gallery last week to see what they could learn from the “Godfather of Pop Art”.


Looking at Paolozzi’s work, most specifically his collection “Rejecting the Original” sparked a few ideas about the creative approach within the team. Paolozzi pastes on top of one artwork the phrase “You thought that there was one possibility, or only two at most. But I made you think of others”. How to open people’s minds to different possibilities, brands and experiences outside their day to day life, through their day to day life is at the heart of experiential and its purpose.


Paolozzi creates these multiple possibilities by combining material with cultural relevance and context. An example of this is using cement as a material for sculpture. Through this he aims to bring sculpture to the “working man” by using a familiar material in an unfamiliar context, namely in the highbrow arts world. The equivalent of this, from a brand experience perspective, is PANDORA’s #ChristmasDelights campaign which saw a surprise performance by a 50 strong choir with a bespoke ballet performance in Birmingham New Street train station. By taking a location that’s familiar and taking an experience that is usually reserved for the few to the masses – ballet. Although it is not revolutionary, it gets its newness from the context, the cultural relevance combined to achieve a reaction.


Ultimately an idea is never “new” instead it is a combination of the known placed in a separate context that creates its intrigue.  However, perhaps the most important thing we learnt is to start cutting and pasting because it makes you a godfather of something!

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