The Events team go Inter-dimensional

Last week, the PrettyGreen events team went in search of immersive inspiration by experiencing the latest offering from the team at Gingerline.

Inter-dimensional exploration accompanied by multi-dimensional gastronomy was the order of the evening. On the day of our booking, we received a text message at 4:30pm with details of the secret location – it’s always a short walk from one of the stations on the London Overground, or Ginger line, hence the name!


Once we’d found the secret location, been briefed on the evening’s activity (and carefully considered the various drinks packages) we were pushed into the bowels of ‘the machine’.

Unfortunately, until you become a member of The Chambers alumni our lips remain sealed about what actually took place (we’re a bit scared they might come after us!) and so all we can say is that we were treated to five courses of mouthwatering cuisine, each taking place in very surreal surroundings.

Along the way various characters added to our adventure and helped us travel through each dimension, particular favourites from our night were Lord Ian, Cassandra the Mermaid and Captain McBastard.

If you can get a ticket (they are seriously hot property) we highly recommend a trip into the Chambers!