The Event Magazine 100 Club

We’re very excited to announce that our very own Strings and Jess have both been nominated for the Event Magazine 100 Club. We decided to sit down and have a quick chat with them both to discuss their lives in the experiential world…

What has been your favourite PrettyGreen event of 2015?

Jess: “That has to be the LEGO Imagination Factory, a dream project which saw us create an immersive 40-minute experience for families this summer. Who wouldn’t want to become a master builder?!”

Strings: “The stunning shoot on top of One Canada Square with Andy Murray and Under Armour overlooking London was particularly special for me, not only due to the magic of the location but how the campaign came together from a delivery perspective too.”

What has been your stand out memory of PrettyGreen events in 2015?

Jess: “Sitting on the #ManOnTheMoon bench, on the moon, in John Lewis Oxford Street last Friday after our team had just installed 11 in-store experiences across John Lewis stores overnight. We then went straight to launching the Lunar Lookout at John Lewis Oxford Street with over 300 Christmas trees, snow, hundreds of lights, snugs, restaurant and shop… I could go on!”

Strings: “It’s the sheer number of events and stunts that the team have delivered this year. Every week there’s something that I’m proud that we’ve got our name against including for Pandora, Under Armour, Virgin Media and LEGO (and more) continuing to operate an event model that drives PR amplification too.”

What do you both love about live events?

Jess: “The immediacy of the experience. I also love being on-site with a team of amazing people led by my business partner Sian Baker to make it all happen. Working with the public in particular is the highlight – it must have come from many years of working in the pub industry!”

Strings: “I like the one-shot moments; months and months of hard work for that one chance to get it right. Everything rests on the stars aligning. The adrenaline and buzz of that moment makes it all worth it and makes you feel alive. It’s about creating life-defining moments.”

And your all-time PrettyGreen event moment?

Jess: “We were lucky enough to activate one million games for Cadbury’s sponsorship of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Being part of that with the team was truly inspiring but the highlight had to be the finale, live with Cadbury House at Hyde Park, as Team GB brought home buckets of golds. The place was electric.”

Strings: “I don’t just have one, I have a Top Five. Like Jess, the Olympics with Cadbury is a standout but there is also:

Beyoncé 100 Single Ladies at Trafalgar Square – our first big stunt within months of launching the Agency.

Red Bull’s Robbie Maddison back flipping Tower Bridge – A very special moment, an iconic landmark, the dead of night, the roar of Robbie’s bike, then watching him land the jump.

John Lewis Roof – A labour of creative and logistical love by a cast of thousands over the past two years. A very special place, a very special brand and a very special client.

Under Armour’s global Tottenham kit launch – Also helping to announce that Under Armour had landed in the UK.

If you could work on any live event what would it be and why?

Jess: “I love times of celebration, I love a party and I love to host, so any event which celebrates an occasion like Christmas works for me. I could work on Christmas all year round (and if you ask in the office you will know that I wear the name ‘Mrs Christmas’ with pride)”!

Strings: “It would need to be something monumental like the Oscars, organising G20, or working on the closing ceremony for an Olympics.”

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