The (Euro) Million Dollar Question…

What would you do if you won the Lottery? That’s the question we have been asking ourselves today because… PrettyGreen has done just that!

Well, kind of. We’re working on a really exciting project to help celebrate the volunteering legacy of London 2012 which we’ll be bringing to life in with the use of amplifying content using traditional PR and social.

As part of the work, the team have been working on getting to know some of the amazing volunteers who give up their free time to help make a difference – from helping children learn how to read to showing visitors around some of our greatest tourist spots in their spare time, The National Lottery funds some really incredible projects so it’s pretty humbling to get the chance to help the volunteers who give up their time so selflessly to tell their stories.

It actually got us thinking about what we’d all do if we had actually won the money – top five answers below, no prizes for guessing which PrettyGreener is responsible for each…!

1) Pay David Attenborough to commentate my life, whilst standing next to me all day
2) Buy a giraffe
3) Take my girlfriend out of her stressful job and go off for a year of fun around the world (ahh!)
4) Go to a pub – THAT I BOUGHT
5) Give lots to charities (we’re a kind bunch really!)

Coco's giraffe