The End of The Line

picture-1In today’s dog eat dog world, it’s difficult to know what to eat (apart from dog). Over the years we’ve moved away from eating red meat due to health issues (and now global warming issues), but just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water (it’s taken us years after watching Jaws to feel safe), Strings starts telling us that our ecosystem under the water has been destroyed, is on the verge of collapse and and we’re on the verge of the greatest man made disaster ever.

The End of the Line, written by Charles Clover (Environment Editor of The Daily Telegraph), has been turned into a film due to part funding and production assistance from C4 Britdoc (which Strings sits on the Board of). It hits the cinema’s this week and goes nationwide across 40 cinema’s to coincide with World Oceans Day which was yesterday.

It’s Directed by Rupert Murray, who previously has directed and edited Unknown White Male (2005), which was nominated for awards at the Directors Guild of America Awards, the Grierson Awards and the British Independent Film Awards.

If you want to really see what we’re doing to our planet, but also what we can do to solve this issue, it’s well worth a watch.