The Drum at the Ivy

Wednesday afternoon our very own Community Manager Joe ventured forth from the PrettyGreen office for the opulent setting of Covent Garden’s Ivy club for The Drum’s catchily named “Connecting with Audiences through Content Marketing: The Emotional Impact of Video”.

After a rushed detour to Urban Outfitters after a “slight jean malfunction” (read MASSIVE tear in the crotch when crossing his legs on the number 55 bus) he arrived on time, naturally accepted a chilled glass of white and selected the most comfortable looking chair in the venue.

The two speakers at the event were David Segura from Giant and Mihkel Jäätma from Real Eyes. David is CEO and founder of Giant, a media and video seeding company who have worked with the likes of Rimmel, Capital One and the excellent Dollar Shave Club.

David started proceedings, covering off lots of in depth analysis with regards to seeding, particularly of note was Giant’s 20% earned reach from their seeding solely based on the strength of placement. But the take away moment came from a comment made while answering a question; “when you make a video, you first ask ‘who is the demographic?’ Then ask, ‘who do they aspire to be?’ And then you ask ‘how do they want to be viewed in public?’” This last point informs the content that people share and ultimately the ‘viral’ impact of a video. Thought provoking stuff!

Mihkel Jäätma is CEO of Real Eyes, a company offering up the insight that in the ideal world would happen before any seeding is even considered. Real Eyes share video content to a network of viewers who watch in the comfort of their own homes, and assesses their response to content based on facial recognition triggers taken by the viewers webcam.


Building on the early work of Charles Darwin and latterly Paul Ekman, the use of Real Eyes can help make optimise content so are videos 3 times more likely to be watched to the end, have an 8 times higher click through rate and 20 times more social engagement. They say the proof is in the pudding, and in this case Real Eyes analysis has proven that Volkswagen’s infamous ‘The Force” video has tested to be 92% more engaging than most ads!