The Do's and Don'ts of SOS

Picture 14With the departure date of Katie P fast approaching and the mammoth task of 30 festivals in 30 months looming on the horizon, we sent our self proclaimed festival expert Pete on a dry run to SOS Festival in Murcia (Spain, in case you were wondering) to test this seasons waters.

Returning with stories aplenty, he summarized his trip as “a series of highs and lows”, but most importantly he returned with a selection of handy festival DO;s and DON’Ts for any intrepid party adventurer this summer…

DO… inform fellow festival-goers of what’s hot and what’s not.  Franz Ferdinand aren’t big, clever or even good and they certainly aren’t the coolest band in the UK.

DO… seize the chance to grab a power nap whenever possible. Crowds, busy walkways, beer tents and fast food restaurant toilets make for a great and essential rest place for you and your friends.

DO… check your tent is waterproof. It’s a festival, expect rain. When it’s wetter in your tent then out, it’s time to move to plan B (see above)

DON’T… mug yourself, or indeed let anyone else mug you. 15 miles from your tent, without any way of contacting your mates and a lack of money can lead to sub standard accommodation i.e. the street (Plan B again)

DON’T… bother with the Spanish police. They don’t like you, you won’t like them (go straight to Plan B)

DON’T… use public transport on the return journey. 3 days without showering don’t make you popular.

and finally:

DON’T… stop. It’s over in a few days and then you’ll wish you were back doing it all again.