The Day That’s Soon To Come

imgresThe first iPad digital outlet was launched this week and we really think this could have the potential to be a landmark development in online content. This is certainly Rupert Murdoch’s intention as ‘The Daily’ seeks to revolutionise online news. With this in mind, we started to talk about what would happen if iPads literally took over newspapers.

The fate of paperboys would be the first to come into question, those in Hollywood movies especially. Throwing papers at the house, albeit a little rude, is perfectly safe; but if they threw iPads the streets would descend into chaos!

Secondly, the first thing many people do when they see a fly buzzing around the room is to grab the nearest paper, roll it up and prepare for battle. No such weapon will be available in this world, a war of words would have to ensue and flies can be very unreasonable creatures.

What would happen to the Great British meal of fish and chips? We couldn’t just grab the food from the shop with our hands; we need newspaper to wrap it up!

Another situation under scrutiny is the sight of broken glass in your home. An almost immediate response to anyone querying what to do with it is “wrap it up in newspaper”, but not anymore. In the future, adults will simply sigh at the loss of such a convenience, whilst the children look quizzically at their parents.

Last but not least is that feeling of self-worth and do-goodery that comes from recycling. We all feel a little better about ourselves putting the week’s newspapers into the recycling bin, knowing that we’ve consciously made the world a better place. This would perhaps be the toughest consequence of all.

Don’t get us wrong, technologies great! But spare a thought for the humble newspaper as we toast to its continued success.