The Curse of Nike – Just Can't Do It

Following hot on the heels of the curse of Gillete, comes the curse of the Nike hype after its Alejandro Inarritu directed World Cup ad ‘Write the Future’.

Despite us believing that the epic commercial to be one of the best sporting adverts of all time, we can’t help notice just how dire the World Cup campaigns of Nike’s chosen brand ambassadors have been.

Didier Drogba (out in group phase), Fabio Cannavaro (out in group phase), Franck Ribery (sex scandal and then out group phase), Ronaldinho (not even picked), Ronaldo (out) and our own hero, who was supposed to have been knighted and us all naming our baby boys after him, Wayne Rooney (didn’t even show up and out).

Considering the fact that the advert was viewed in 32 counties, gained 9.2m hits in its first 10 days and would have cost millions of pounds to make, Nike probably now wishes they actually had the ability to ‘Write the Future’ of the star players it employed. Maybe the advert itself was to blame. It promises appearances in The Simpsons, 100 foot statues and Hollywood film biographies if the players succeed or spending the rest of their days living in a caravan if they were to fail. Maybe the pressure and hype just all became too much for the pampered players. Better book that caravan in Skegness for a few weeks Wayne. Or maybe he’ll be on the media junket with Terry to promote his new film