The Crystal Maze Experience – the 90s should be proud

Don’t be afraid to look to the past to find inspiration; innovation doesn’t always yield an all-encompassing immersive experience. This is what we learnt at the Crystal Maze Experience.

En route to the experience negative thoughts were running through our minds, ‘unless Richard O’Brien starts playing his harmonica or they have an unlimited budget –  is this yet another way to rip people off in the name of nostalgia?’ However as soon as we changed into our activewear and donned our Red Team bomber jacket, these thoughts evaporated!


We don’t want to spoil it for anyone, because we think it’s worth a visit (even if it’s just to get your heart rate up), but here’s a quick overview.


The challenges were ruthless but with the helpful guidance of Coach, and our game faces, we side stepped our way to winning 8 Crystals. The challenges:


Natasha is jungle gym queen and 90s gaming master. Rachel is no match for Catherine Zeta Jones. We’ve been to a lot of pubs. Ben is a human hamster. Holly will find your treasure. Charlie can flick your switch. Maggie listened in chemistry class. Charlie can manoeuvre. James ‘SATNAV’ Gosling isn’t a picture puzzle fan and we’re all rubbish at Chess!


Unfortunately, this is where Team PG’s outstanding efforts were squashed. We were met with some fierce competition at The Crystal Dome, and with the other team’s obvious prep with a leaver blower, we didn’t stand a chance.


Even though we didn’t come out on top, it was a great experience – We didn’t think about real-life for the whole 70mins.


We say bring on the 90s comeback!


Top Tip: You aren’t allowed to take phones into The Crystal Maze. Photos are taken at the end of the experience; however these are not professional so make sure you check the photos before you leave – we didn’t!