The Content and Creators of the Future

We recently had the pleasure of hosting a panel about the future of content as part of The Clearing. Taking centre stage were Vlogger and Radio Presenter Roman Kemp, Director of Phenomenal Training Laura Thomson, Marketing Director at Copa90 Phil Mitchelson and Gleam’s Head of Brand Partnerships Catherine Lui.


Kicking off the discussion was Phil from Copa90, the football-dedicated site and youtube channel with millions of subscribers, uploading 90 videos a month. With an average of 300 ideas bouncing around on a monthly basis, he explained that every one of those ideas needs to illicit an extreme emotion in order to be made. If their content doesn’t educate, intrigue, amuse, anger, or bring about any other emotion or feeling it simply won’t be made. Copa90’s ultimate goal is to be their fans’ high school crush, by getting them excited and instantly interact with the content.


Vloggers have long become the superstars of Generation Z and with this in mind, we asked Catherine about the intricacies of this new and evolving way of buying media. The key for brands looking to tap into this is to “let go” and let the vlogger decide what type of content and association is best for their highly engaged audience. They know what works and what doesn’t work and brands should trust their judgement. A recent example of a good use of a vlogger partnership was Direct Line’s recent work with big hitter Alfie Deyes who was learning to drive at the same time they were looking to promote their safer driving app to a younger audience.


Everyone agreed that the best way to make the most use of content creation is to not see it as an ad and force key messages and branding into it, but to brief the creators by explaining your business problem and asking them to come up with the creative solution.

Roman Kemp who recently went from being a vlogger to a radio presenter explained that he enjoys both mediums for their intimacy with the viewer or listener as both activities are usually enjoyed alone, however due to the nature of radio there is no instant gratification for the creator as engagement such as likes and comments are only possible via the youtube channel.

Everyone agrees that the future will reveal a lot more individual content creators as anyone can turn this into a job with the help of a good broadband connection and equipment. Even though currently the top tier of the vlogger world is predominantly made up of young, white, middle-class kids, Catherine predicts more diversity within the youtube celebrity world, as long as the new up and comers are extremely passionate about a certain subject.

The panel ended on Phil stating that like any form of media be it print, broadcast or online, it needs to have a good balance of light and dark to appeal to the people interacting with it.


We’re looking forward to watching this space evolve and working with content creators to produce genuine and emotional content.


Watch the full discussion below: