The Colour of Money

We were busy selecting a logo for our new Spirits brand this morning.  We’re not yet decided on a colour, but we’ll be sure to take heed from the below colour/mood chart when doing so.

Logos can be immensely powerful and are proven to have the capacity to change buyer behaviour – you only have to look at the brands that we work for to begin to understand how the brand architects have come to create their identities.

cadbury-logobmpTake Cadbury for example.  It is no surprise to hear that (according to psychological studies) purple connotes luxury, wealth, and sophistication. It is also feminine and romantic….Perfect for a chocolate brand.

red_bull_logoRed Bull is another prime (excuse the pun) example.  The most emotionally intense color, red stimulates a faster heartbeat and breathing.  Why would an energy drink look any further?


In terms of our own identity, we’ve gone for a spectrum approach.  Combining the colours of Green and Blue provides us with not only the “durability, honesty, optimism and profitability” of green, but also the “depth, professionalism, loyalty, reliability and trust” of the blue.  Best of both worlds.

For all those soliciting for jobs on The Green – you’d be advised to think carefully about what colours you wear to your interview.  Fashion consultants recommend blue because of the loyalty factor, but we may be more impressed by the bright yellow hot pants/mankini approach.

The other big debate we had today was over the riding to work. Obviously with the tube strike lots of people cycled in and the big question was if you just happened to stop off at the pub, had one too many and cycled home (obviously very dangerous and not recommended) and as you were wobbling home your collar was felt by the strong arm of the law, could you lose your driving license?

Mixed opinions about this, but when Strings asked would the same be true if you were on a skateboard, we seemed to think that you wouldn’t.