The Clearing

The Clearing By Floodlight: Sports Marketing – It’s not what you play, it’s how you play that counts

Over here at PrettyGreen, we like to delve deep into some head scratching scenarios and look at how the industries we work in evolve and develop. We also like to surround ourselves with inspiring and clever people who share our passion, and take some time out to consider the bigger picture.


Following on from our last event, ‘The Clearing – It’s Been Emotional’ [], yesterday we held our latest episode  ‘The Clearing By Floodlight’. We brought together a range of brands in sport, to inspire and put a spotlight on the sports marketing industry over beers and pizza (we are convinced both alcohol and carbs help problem solve and inspire creativity).


The evening was hosted by Sky News Sports Presenter Hayley McQueen alongside some great speakers, where we discussed creativity in sport and provided food for thought around the notion that “It’s not what you play, it’s how you play that counts”.


We kicked off the evening reminding people of our theory around the evolving nature of brands’ role in consumers’ lives, and how we believe brands now need to act like a  ‘servant’ to consumers- especially in a competitive sector like sports marketing.


Ginni Arnold – Head of Consumer Communications, Virgin Media then gave us an interesting insight into how Virgin Media have approached their sports sponsorship strategy for Virgin TV and the brand’s presence in football, and discussed the importance of ensuring that it owns and develops a space that is uniquely theirs.


Miles Jacobson OBE – Studio Director of Sports Interactive has been one of the driving forces behind the world-renowned Football Manager, a video game that has 1,300 scouts in 51 countries. In a fascinating Q&A session with Hayley, he discussed how technology has changed and developed the game and how they were one of the only companies to plan for the outcome of Brexit; with some great anecdotes about being interview for the Today Show and Newsnight.


Finally, Kyle Albrecht – Sports Marketing Manager, Under Armour, discussed how the brand has developed its asset portfolio in the ultra-competitive space of sports marketing, and how they stay true to Founder Kevin Plank’s vision that everything they do is Thoughtful. Selective. Creative.


So after a range of thought provoking and inspiring talks, our Planning team summarised and concluded the evening with the five new rules of engagement for brands playing in sport. Subscribe to the PrettyGreen blog for more details of all of these talks in the coming weeks, and our summary of the five new rules of engagement.