The Circle of Life

Picture 5

We’ve all been having a laugh today at pictures of Strings, as he sent out an invite yesterday showing him through a number of decades. What’s quite bizarre is how very little changes over the years.

It would appear that nearly 40 years on, we seem to look more like our parents, our children begin to look like us, and we still give our children the same haircuts we were given, although for years we berated our parents for doing it (shouldn’t really be strange as it’s simply about genetics but it is).

In the creative and cultural world the same can probably be said. Although we all think that we’re doing something radically different, maybe the reality is that the brave new world, isn’t so brave or new, it just feels that way.

Which leads us on to Moon, if you haven’t seen it, we’d recommend it. It’s just shows us that perception is reality. The man who thinks he’s playing in a brave new world, is excited and happy, as long as he believes he is. Take that belief away and it all comes crumbling in.

So the debate for today, is it more important that we believe we can change the world, or that we’re actually changing it?

The 2nd debate is, should men ever wear lipstick? We think not, but given the amount of Flakes and Benefit lipsticks we’ve got in the office at the minute, Nick looks like he’s becoming tempted or confused (least it not the full million to be won).