The Best Leaving Email Ever!

It’s sad when people leave, especially when they are so universally liked by Clients and Agency alike. But when you’ve got to go, then you’ve got to go.

We’re big believers that you should leave with the wind on your back, and a blessing from your peers. Which is what the Great Grabowski has done, and why we wanted to share what is probably the greatest leaving email ever written.

“Thank you all so much for an incredible two and a half years.  A period that I will never forget, doing things I never thought I wanted to do and then couldn’t believe I got to do.  It Is an incredible job, that I am not really sure why I am leaving, there are thousands of reasons I will never forget it here. This is only a 100..

Things that I actually got paid to do, so remember how lucky you are…(in no discernible order)”

1. Going to the Olympics with Faye

2. Free date nights

3. Chris & The Bourneville Factory – although there was no flying lift or Oompa Loompas

4. Boat trip down the Thames wearing massive fake eyelashes

5. Photoshoot with Sam Faiers in her undies

6. Going to Malawi

7. Free absinth tasting

8. Bucket List: Watching England at The Rose Bowl

9. Naked beer pong with Ben Jack Thomas

10. Ben Jack Thomas throwing up on me

11. Imogen’d

12. Winding up Sian

13. BA Club Class from South Africa, I imagine my first and last time

14. Meeting the most boring footballer in the Premiership

15. Snogging colleagues when I 1st joined (not sure if I was being paid for this?)

16. Driving a Land Rover up the side of a mountain with a very scared Claire McDoogle

17. Pedlos in Regents Park with Henders and Ashman

18. Having a meeting with Andi Peters

19. Asking the events team ‘How much would it cost to do this”  -it never gets boring

20.  Covering McFly in Creme Egg

21. Going to see Arsenal vs QPR on EA

22.  GigNics

23.  Watching Rizzle Kicks live about 10 times

24.  Getting drunk on a roof in Camden

25.  Glamaoke with Denise Van Outen and Nicole

26.  Watching Ed Sheeran twice

27.  Standing outside lots of events

28.  Meeting the UKs answer to Justin Bieber

29.  Playing EA games in work hours

30.  Building a giant Creme Egg

31. Working with Nuala

32.  Drinking Magners

33.  Drinking Carling brainstorming in the pub with Strings and Ashman, no good ideas came from that!

34.  House Festival x2 (contentious but has to be included, sorry)

35.  Owning a Christmas jumper for about half a day

36.  Gossiping – always the last to know

37.  Hannah-isms ‘Somble’ actually makes quite good sense

38.  Shooting two music videos for Pumped

39.  Meeting Snoop Dogg…almost

40.  Being on stage at LoveBox

41. Going to 100s of posh restaurants I can’t afford

42.  Eating endless Cadbury’s

43.  Looking for Simon’s laptop

44.  Drinking wine with Tony Hadley

45.  Watching Gary Barlow with Strings at the Royal Albert Hall with McDoogle crying next to us (weird)

46.  Going to three PR / PRCA Awards and getting plastered

47.  Stealing Blue Rubicons CSR PR Award

48.  Having a serious meeting about a client jetpacking across the Chanel

49.  Having a serious meeting about MC Hammer

50.  Going egg hunting with Cadbury, the National Trust and that woman who does the Rugby on BBC

51. Having a free laptop for ‘home use’

52.  Watching a man ski in a Creme Egg suit with Jess P

53.  Making a man show me his tattoo (on this arse)

54.  Walking round two stately homes with the National Trust

55.  Eating with Mo Farrah

56.  Spending a whole day with Cover Drive

57.  In a small way helping to put on our own festival

58.  Playing Goo Games with Arg from TOWIE

59.  Going to Skelmersdale – think thats what its called

60.  Working with Strings – thank you for tolerating me

61. Working with Ems – I couldn’t have learnt more from you. Thank you

62.  Working with Jess – I know we are both glad we don’t have to go through my teams finances again

63.  Working with Mandy – the one that got away

64.  Working with Tim – how could I thank the man you gave me Concept enough

65.  from now on assume I mean working with…

66.  Lucy Much – World’s calmest nicest person, will miss you lots

67.  Kim – for always being annoyed at me

68.  Ashman – proud to have worked with you

69.  Pete – I hope my guidance steers you straight

70.  Debbie – sorry every expense claim, PO, invoice, everything got to you late

71. Ravi – for giving the World Google+ p.s. stop smoking

72.  Sian – the only person for some reason I found ok calling me Chrissy Wissy

73.  Lynsey – I always loved the Cadbury integration meetings

74.  Ben K – never has one man made, made so many sentences. I already miss our planning chats

75.  MacDonald – world’s greatest AM, I’m sure you will be running the show soon

76.  Charlotte – look after my mentee (is that how you spell it?!)

77.  Jess P – £30 on binding!!

78.  Henders – I’m sorry!

79.  Kylie – thank you for saving many bad PR event ideas

80.  Katie – apologies that you had to do everything

81. Susie – poor girl who had to put up with me and Pumped for 6 months

82.  Simon – stay sexy

83.  Jack – the ONLY man with better hair than me

84.  Sarah A – for the all conquering planning wheel, it got me my job.

85.  Sophia – my favourite Kiwi

86.  Ben –

87.  Mark – nice working with you Preacher

88.  Coco – Please send me Cheques

89.  Lucy M – sorry you have to work with Ben

90.  Hannah – for giving us: Pacifically, Escape Goat, Somble, Dubstep, and Coco & Lobster

91. Dave – The World is Yours

92.  Bea – I will leave you English dictionary for Hannah

93.  Leanne – always made me feel more calm about things

94.  Laura – You are far to nice to work with those other girls, I’m sorry for you.

95.  Tyler – good luck to you Sir, you will need it – don’t let them give you a nickname. Its all downhill from there. no respect.

96.  George – big hugs as always

97.  Nikita – you will always be pregnant to me

98.  And to all those that got away, Stocker, Amira, Imogen, Nuala, Raymond, Cath, Pri, Meera, Alex H, Alex, Tom, Hannah, Jen, Jo S, and everyone that I have forgotten.

99.  All the great work experience girls and that tall guy, what was he called??!!!

100. Writing this fucking list…endless.

Take care, stay in touch