The Battle for Deadline Day Breaking News: Sky Sports News vs Twitter


Well, as another August came to an end, so came the close of another football transfer window.  Amongst the insane amount of money spent there have been more than a few weird rumours and interesting transfers as English clubs parted with a record £1.1bn in the chase for silverware or, in most cases, try and stave off relegation so they can continue to enjoy the millions that TV companies plough into England’s top flight.


We couldn’t talk about this year’s transfer window without mentioning the biggest signing in history, as Paul Pogba was welcomed back to Old Trafford for the ‘light’ sum of £89m. Eyebrows may have been raised around the fee, particularly as Man United let him go for next to nothing as a teenager, but considering his shirt sales have now reached £190 million in just three weeks, it’s starting to look like a shrewd bit of business.


The Pogba deal was secured in the relative calm of early August, which almost seems a distant memory given the activity that happened on the final day of the window. But how do you keep up with every deal taking place? Sky Sports News arguably own transfer deadline day thanks to Jim White, his magnificent yellow ties and multiple mobile phones as he gives you the latest news from chairman and agents around Europe. But is it really the home of breaking transfer news? With a live twitter feed now integral to Sky Sport’s coverage of the busiest day in football, are they just now following rather than driving the news?


It has been said that everybody has the potential to be a journalist through social media. And yes, there are the false rumours of Cristiano Ronaldo being seen drinking a cappuccino in a Manchester hotel, but with so many players, agents and clubs now active across social media, it is now the best source to keep up with what’s going on. Even the BBC and The Guardian websites make their live transfer updates look like twitter feeds with short snappy copy and imagery to keep their readers excited and engaged.


However, it also means there isn’t always a place to hide. This was shown by Everton as they tried to save face by announcing via Twitter that they had withdrawn a £30m offer for Moussa Sissoko, despite the fact it was known that they had sent a helicopter to pick him up only for the midfielder to turn off his phone and disappear to North London to sign for Tottenham


The transfer window has added to the entertainment provided by English football, and as fans we’re all excited to see whether David Luiz will still have the odd mistake in him, and if the Sissoko that played for Newcastle last season or the marauding midfielder seen playing for France at EURO2016 turns up at White Hart Lane. One thing is for sure, there is another exciting season ahead in the rollercoaster that is the English Premier League, but you probably already know that from Twitter.