The Art Of Us Running Scared

Over the past few years we’ve been lucky enough to be involved with a number of projects for Red Bull that take your breath away. From X-Fighters to Empire of Dirt and Cliff Diving to Air Race, after every event there’s normally someone in the office who says something along the lines of “I’d love to have a go at that”.

And before Red Bull’s Art of Motion event at the National Theatre on Sunday evening, there were a few in the office thinking free running looked great and they’d maybe be able throw a move or two.

Then after spending the last 48 hours with the athletes and actually watching the free runners last night, everyone is still in shock/ traumatised/ in total disbelief. To watch free runners pushing the limits one after another is a true spectacle (and we were scared just watching). 22-year-old Derby boy, Tim Shieff won the competition after spectacularly launching himself from the 40 ft high platform, impressing the crowds in their masses and setting the older members of the crowd up for a heart attack.

Our new Account Man Simon was pushed to the limit as part of the event. Herding athletes is hard enough, herding free runners is even harder.

Two weeks into his new job, with his new Client, he was looking to impress handling a broadcast piece to camera with an Athlete on the roof of the National Theatre. TheĀ  Athlete decided to free run across the roof, disappearing into the distance leaving Simon in the awkward situation of trying to work out how to get the athlete back and complete the piece.

Simon smiled nicely for a few minutes, but after an awkward silence decided to embark on a double PRO clipboard backflip shuffle onto the roof, luckily just as he limbered up the athlete returned to save Simon’s blushes.

We still don’t know what most of the moves are called, we still don’t truly understand how you ever get to be that good (some would say mad), but we salute every one of you.