That's nice, is it new?

Jo Hudson, our clever planner has written a piece for The Guardian all about originality of ideas and it’s sparked a bit of a conversation in the office about where ideas should come from…

In our industry, there’s a constant pressure to be thinking up new and exciting avenues, always coming up with the coolest and freshest content and being seen to push the boundaries of what’s possible – all in a bid to get a brand message out there.

Of course that’s why we all get up in the morning (and it’s exactly what we should be doing), however, an often ignored (yet very valid point) is that we all generally enjoy and respond well to familiar structures and cues.

Sometimes the unfamiliar can be a scary place and we need to feel confident that a risk will pay off, so in that case, it’s ok to look to what’s been successful in the past, using it not to copy, but to inspire and guide our own tactics.

Looking at things that way gives what we do a new lens… we should be using lessons from the past to inform what we do in the future.

You can check out the full article HERE – it’s definitely a thought provoking read.

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