That’s a (Un)wrap

We’ve just finished touring the world’s most expensive six-sheet advertising unit. Made of bulletproof glass and reinforced steel, this one-tonne behemoth presented perhaps the biggest logistical challenge our Events team have faced to date.

But this wasn’t just any piece of advertising. We were displaying five solid gold, 18-carat bars shaped as the nation’s favourite Cadbury varieties as part of the new Unwrap Gold promotion. Find a golden foil wrapped chocolate bar and you win it in gold. Simple.

Our Events team were tasked with getting the bars into the public eye and increasing the believability that they are there to be won, and not just some gimmick.
2013_09_28_CadburyUnwrapGold_022 copy
However, a countrywide tour of £120,000 worth of gold in a one-tonne display case isn’t exactly on Page 1 of ‘Standard Events’. So, after much head scratching, late-night insurance brokering and DEFCON 1 level security planning the tour went live on September 21st in Birmingham. Making its way back to London via Bristol and Liverpool – ok, so not really ‘via’ – the unit gave people a glimpse of the prizes they could win.

With such a high profile precious cargo, we had to task a security force to match. Our highly trained outfit consisted of the tallest man we’ve ever seen and his partner, who happens to be built like a fridge. In their spare time, they love nothing better than a cage fight. Seriously. We wouldn’t even consider messing with them.
2013_09_21_CadburyUnrapGold_333 copy
Alongside these brutes, our crack covert team of ex-police officers and close protection professionals provided overwatch of the unit from rooftops and nearby bushes. With support from SO19 and talk of body cameras and secret rendezvous locations, Mark & Ben were like kids in a sweet shop – only with more guns.

Such was their excitement, they got a little carried away allocating coded phrases for the safe installation and removal of the gold bars each day. Some of our favourites include:

The trout is out of the net
The beefeater is in the tower
The fox is in the warren
Paul Jewell is in the dugout

The tour went off without a hitch, meaning the gold bars are out there to be won. You can Unwrap Gold until November 12th – what are you waiting for?