That Was The Amazing Week That Was

What an amazing week, we’re still slightly spinning after it. We’re not sure what the highlight was.

  1. Being stood on the bank of the Thames at 2.55am Monday morning watching Robbie Maddison do a no-handed backflip over an open Tower Bridge with Red Bull
  2. Launching Macmillan’s World Biggest Coffee morning on Primrose Hill with a couple of hundred amazing people, including Jack Tweed (who is a really lovely bloke), and Neil Fox (who you already know is a really lovely bloke)
  3. Trying to keep 300 wooden boards on the floor, as a storm tries to decapitate young mothers and babies as walked through Primrose Hill
  4. Meeting the family legend Lynda Bellingham and taking her to The Kitchen, so she could be taught how to make Victoria sponge cake with Thierry.
  5. Presenting part 2 of our Trident campaign and getting sign-off
  6. Doing two presentations for our Cadbury 2012 campaign and getting green lights all the way
  7. Going to Spain for two nights of crazyness for X-Fighters. They know how to party.
  8. Getting sign-off for a great party for Red Bull Cola (invites on the way)
  9. Having Faye back in the office after having a baby
  10. We just needed another one to make it 10

We were also celebrating two birthday’s, a departure, and Coco’s first piece of coverage, but when it came to actually hitting the town to celebrate, this where the wheels fell off. Not because of excess and craziness, but because we’ve be struck down by that damn pig flu. At first we thought it was amusing but as the week progressed and people were falling like flies, it seemed less amusing, especially when one of team was rushed into hospital with major concerns about her lungs (seems to be on the mend now). So basically we canned our night, and have re-scheduled when everyone can hold a mike properly and sing their lungs out, without them actually coming out.

The big debate we had in the office, was whether or not there was anything that we’d ever given pigs. Man flu pandemic, just doesn’t seem likely to kill many pigs.

We were also sent this old clip about helping girls, which we hadn’t seen before and loved it so much, we’ve thought we’d share it (again).