Taste of London: Is excellent food enough?

Taste of London took us around the world when it came to the mouthwatering food and delectable wine. From the most delicious lamb chops and black cod dumplings at Roka to the duck curry in a pineapple at Mango Tree – this is one to add to the ‘book-it’ list.


Screen Shot 2017-06-26 at 11.09.40


Even though the cuisines on offer dazzled our taste buds, the rest of the experience was a little under seasoned. Especially when there was ripe opportunity for brands to engage with a supple audience. Our purse strings were significantly tighter after paying for the luxury to enter the site, and we were expecting the pennies to work hard, giving us experiences our tastes buds would never forget, however there was no wow moment. That ‘I wish I thought of that’ moment. Brands that tried to create an experience just couldn’t cut the mustard. However, we did learn that in the Czech Republic, beer is poured with A LOT of foam – this is the tastiest and sweetest part.


Screen Shot 2017-06-26 at 11.07.21



We don’t want to leave a sour taste, so perhaps the Taste of London increased their rates and brands had smaller budgets, so surprise and delight experiences had to suffer. Or we were completely overwhelmed by the exquisite culinary delights that nothing could compare, and after all it is the restaurant festival!