Taking Touch Rugby To Twickenham, with MaxiNutrition

There’s always that special buzz that sweeps around the office shortly after one of those emails come through. No, not that the local burrito place is having yet another deal on Mexican delicacies (though with 7+ in the area, they probably are). No, we’re talking more an event invite, and not any old invite either. An event invite to end all invites, one that involves assembling a team, lacing up our boots, and gracing the pitch at the home of England Rugby. Any guesses?
Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 14.59.22
From receiving said miraculous email to stepping foot onto Twickenham’s hallowed turf, time flew. The usual questions also followed – what to bring? Do I need boots? What if I don’t have boots? Will they shout at me? How do I play rugby? Is it like football? How do I pass? Where do I run? Why can’t I pass forwards? What’s offside?……. the list was endless, but we were sure of two things. Firstly, we didn’t rate our chances at winning this round robin tournament too much. Secondly, WE WERE ABOUT TO PLAY RUGBY AT TWICKENHAM!
Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 14.59.11
Needless to say, we didn’t do very well… but even the most competitive of us, including the gets-grumpy-when-he-loses James, or the once-played-in-college Grabbers, or our always-competitive-but-won’t-admit-it founder, Strings, will admit that the scoreline was (almost) irrelevant. Here’re some of the highlights that really matter, to us and you:

– Ella scored two tries in our very first match, two more than anyone else has ever scored, ever
– Tristan tackled himself, to the floor, metres from the try line
– Lucy P learned how to chest bump (although she bumped the wrong person), and got to see Tristan tackle himself
– James now wears two five-inch gashes on his leg after raking his own studs down his own leg diving for yardage
– Strings aways wears leggings to train, no matter the weather or sport
– Jade was treated to some great eye candy. Lots of short shorts on show
– Rosie didn’t get subbed AND didn’t fall over

Okay, we may have only played a total of 21 minutes of rugby in three matches, but the moment of satisfaction post-tournament, drinks in hand, eyes scanning over the 82,000 (sadly empty) seats around us, stood on grass Hackney Marshes would have dreams over, was something you just can’t buy. So in that respect, a huge thank you goes out to our wonderful MaxiNutrition team for making this possible. Now to check the inboxes for the next 12 months in anticipation for round two…