Taking Flight

We’ve only just recovered from the madness we witnessed at the Red Bull Flugtag in Leeds last week. The wacky festival of flight falling saw 34 teams launch themselves off a pier into Roundhay Park lake in a spectacular fashion to the amusement of the crowd (and PG staff). Luckily for those of you that missed it you can catch up with the video below…

In other Red Bull aviation-without-engine news, the latest (and perhaps greatest) snowboarding film from Red Bull Media House and Brain Farm Digital Cinema, ‘The Art of FLIGHT’, is to be released on the 8th Sept, and judging from the trailer these tricksters are much more successful in their quest for air.

With all this flying we’ve been thinking of giving the flying device game a go. From the photo below you can probably tell that an office stool and presentation boards probably aren’t going to go too far with Jack attached.