PrettyGreen signed for World Cup

Breaking News has reached us at PrettyGreen HQ today, with sources revealing we’ve been signed by CONIFA ahead of their World Cup in London this summer.   The Confederation of Independent Football Associations (CONIFA), is a non-profit organisation representing football associations that are not recognised by FIFA, and...

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Sponsors Need To Make Their Money Talk

In the last fortnight, the sporting world was thrown into turmoil with more scandal - this time doping rearing its ugly head again, with Russia the perpetrator following revelations from an anti-doping commission report which alleged widespread corruption and collusion. As if the reputation of sport...

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Red Bull BC One Tears It Up

It’s been an interesting week in sports with the World Cup qualifiers coming to an end - dreams fulfilled, dreams shattered and rankling that will continue well into 2010.  While the rest of the world argues over whether the ‘cheating French’ should be forced to...

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