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Training for a Marathon – How Hard Can It Be??

So, you’ve probably heard this story before. Man goes into pub to meet a friend. They sink several pints of neck oil then, while the brain is lubricated, they start to discuss some of the big challenges in life which they’d like to do but...

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Why We’re Superbowl-ed Over By The NFL

Ask any American, and they’ll likely tell you the NFL is the greatest sport in the world. But it’s not only the US that are football-crazy, and increasingly the UK is beginning to have strong feelings for American Football, too. With the viewing figures over...

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The New Rules of Engagement for Brands Playing in Sport

The sports industry is arguably one of the most competitive sectors for any brand to step into, with 70% of all sponsorship being driven by sports marketing (IEG, 2015). So as part of last week’s The Clearing by Floodlight, PrettyGreen’s Planning team have studied award-winning...

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How long until Virtual becomes Reality for sport?

VR Glasses this, VR games that… VR, VR, VR. You may have heard, or you may be living under a rock, but welcome to the new big thing in sport.   Back in January, Marketing Week boldly (at the time) claimed that 2016 would be the year...

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Your Brain on Sports

  With the Olympics finally on, we thought it would be a good time to share a little of what we have learnt about fan behaviour and the extent to which watching your team affects your mind and body.   For the games that really matter, from the...

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